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Gloves Gloves Gloves

ESI Supply has a wide selection of gloves. They range in price, cut protection, and material. Prices range from $9 per dozen to $45 per pair. Cut protection is also measured in a very wide range. Cut protection, in general, can range from A1-A9, but at ESI Supply we carry only A1-A5. ESI Supply also offers a wide range of materials. Pigskin, Denim, Leather, Latex, Chemical Coated, Nitrile, Cowhide, and Nylon are among the materials used for work gloves that we sell. Some gloves are sold by the dozen and some are sold individually. Shop online or call to purchase your set of gloves today!

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ESI Supply makes it a priority to seek out new, ground breaking products. One of our newest product editions is a product called Liquitube. Liquitube is a product that immediately repairs a tire milliseconds after being punctured. It works by first pouring the product into the inside rim of the tire. As the tire spins, the product evenly distributes around the inside of the tire. This product remains liquid throughout the entire life of the tire. When the tire runs over some type of object to puncture its surface, the Liqitube immediately fills and dries the hole. Liquitube can continue to work with multiple puncture holes. Liquitube is sold in several different sizes. The smallest size is 32oz, then a...

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